Meeting Time: November 08, 2022 at 9:00am PST

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4.07 2023 Public Works Infrastructure Master Plan

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    John Stonebraker 11 months ago

    Strategy CIR-2.1 of the Upper Ridge Community Plan accepted by this Board March 8th specifies a required action for Public Works to incorporate improving the shoulders of Skyway between Pentz Road and De Sabla into its Capital Improvement Plan. Changing the title of the document does not change the fact that such improvements do not appear in this document, just as they did not appear in the DR-INFRA request or the August 23 New Skyway Rehabilitation contract. We need not merely a surface treatment for Skyway in 2025 but an acknowledgment that demographic changes since the Camp Fire have increased daily vehicle traffic north of the burn and peak hourly traffic from Town limits on up. Our sole artery must be improved to meet the community's current and near-term needs as confirmed through the Community Plan process, and this Infrastructure Master Plan must be thusly amended.

    The Town understands that regaining population and business will require sufficient infrastructure capacity; the participants in the Upper Ridge Community Plan likewise understand and hope our Supervisors will understand as well.