Meeting Time: September 15, 2020 at 9:00am PDT

Agenda Item

On August 11, the Board of Supervisors approved the distribution of Butte County's allocation of CRF, which totaled $21.4 million. This included funding needed to improve County telework capabilities. Staff have consulted with departments to identify the various telework needs that cannot be covered within existing appropriations, including the purchase of laptops and other equipment in some departments, and Countywide licensing and security costs. The following departments require additional appropriations in order to improve staff's telework capabilities: Auditor-Controller $23,500; Behavioral Health $600,000; Child Support Services $20,000; District Attorney $150,000; Employment and Social Services $1,700,000; General Services $59,000; Public Health $95,000; and Information Systems $100,000 ($65,000 for Countywide costs). In addition to the telework needs of individual departments, County Administration recommends $414,000 be allocated to Information Systems to pay for increased Countywide software licensing costs in support of telework. County Administration recommends approval of a $3,161,500 budget adjustment for telework capabilities. (County Administration)